Sunday, April 7, 2013

Your Story Can Change...Just Wait.

"Some men will trust in horses and chariots but I'm going to trust in the Lord"

                                   Pray for Will & and Angie Gray from jams 90025 on Vimeo.

On the Sunday after Easter, Patrick Orayi Whyte delivered a sermon called, "Post-Resurrection: What Now?" and in so doing, illustrated the many ways the world did not change after the resurrection of Christ.  Pilot, for example, still ruled and Jewish leaders went back to being religious.  He then went on to point out how the Apostles were "low in spirit" just days after the resurrection.  On the road to Emmaus, Jesus met them but they did not recognize Him.  He asked them about the events that had just transpired and they went on to reiterate the crucifixion and resurrection (Luke 24).  In stead of rejoicing because Christ atoned for our sins on the cross and brought us out of death in His resurrection, they were troubled because they did not see an immediate change in the world.  They were hoping for God to redeem Israel and instead, all they could see was an empty tomb.  Christ had ascended and life appeared to return to normalcy.

Pastor Whyte pointed out that we do the same thing that we see the Apostles doing in Luke 24.  We fall into worry about matters like finances and health regardless of the knowledge we have about the work performed on the cross and the victory claimed in the risen Christ.  We act as if we have no hope of the change that is about to come.  Whyte said that even though the Apostles had knowledge, it in of itself did not have an affect on their heart; "their heart was not activated by faith."

It shames me to admit that the sermon fit me like a shoe.  All week I wrestled with concerns pertaining to the future.  All week I acted as if my fate was resting entirely in my own hands.  All week I was acting like a doubting Apostle that was blinded of the truth found in Christ because he had allowed himself to be distracted by the world.  As if this were not enough, my conviction came to completion when I viewed a video about Whyte's friend (a roommate if I'm not mistaken) from college.

My words will fail to deliver the message you will find in the video posted here.  Allow me to say, however, that the story of Will and Angie Gray is a real-life example of what the love of Christ looks like when it is practiced by a wife caring for her husband.  Its amazing how God can bring beauty out of tragedy.  In all of the trials that the couple has faced thus far, Angie Gray says that through this ordeal, she has experienced - "one of the most beautiful moments in my whole life."

Will Gray needs our prayers and support.  Will is trusting in the Lord as his faith is challenged.  Will shows us how we must keep our hope in the Lord because it is the Lord that brings real change.  We can't allow ourselves to be distracted by our current trials.  Near the end of his narration, Will sums up everything by saying, "Your life can change, just wait."

Your life can change because with the Lord all things are possible.  Keep faith, trust and hope in Him.  One way of making a change in your life is to serve in the Kingdom.  What better way to serve than by offering support to a fellow brother in need.  If it is on your heart to help Will and Angie Gray, please visit #GOTOTEAMGRAY to see how you may donate money, meals and care.

God bless,

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